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Hey, are you looking for Social Proof and FOMO marketing examples you can use to drive more sales in your ecommerce business? Social Proof marketing is a great technique to make your visitors more likely to buy from you. However, if you’re not implementing it carefully, it can lead to be accused in manipulation and might even influence shoppers in a bad way.

One site that’s great at using these tactics is, which has wide variety of examples of Social Proof on every page. In this article, we’re focusing on ramping up FOMO by showing that visitors have actually missed out on a great deal. shows this with special messages showing when the property you’re viewing is almost sold out:
FOMO is all about the wisdom of the crowds, so it’s absolutely no surprise that entrepreneurs started picking up on the value of promoting the number of subscribers they have. The more you have the better for you.

In general, there are 4 types of Social proof:

  • Celebrity: Celebrity social proof appears when a celebrity endorses some particular products. Samples: a Twitter post or Insta-story about your product by a celebrity or influencer.
  • Expert: Expert social proof is when an expert in your industry recommends your products or services or is associated with your specific brand. Samples: a Facebook post by a leading expert or having an expert on your Twitter chat.
  • The wisdom of the crowd: This type of social proof is when a large group of people is seen to be endorsing your brand at scale. Examples: having thousands of customers or millions of followers on your social media profiles (public for everyone).
  • The wisdom of your friends: This type of social proof is when people see their friends approve your product. Examples: seeing their friends use your product or follow you on social media.

Social Proof Apps

We collected 3 popular FOMO apps to showcase for you.


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Nudgify makes it easy to use Social Proof, Scarcity, Urgency and more…

Nudgify shows relevant messages for each page type, reducing the bounce rate on your Home, Blog, Catalog, Collections, Product, Cart, and Confirmation pages

Popularity Nudge – Harness social proof (28 people recently viewed this product)
Order Soon Nudge – Create urgency (For delivery tomorrow? Order in 1h 32mins)
Low Stock Nudge – Nudge hesitating browsers (‘Order now! Only 2 left in stock’)
Custom Nudges – Get creative (E.g, price guarantees to special offers)
Shopify Social Proof App

Main strengths:

  • Full integration with Shopify
  • Based on the concept of Nudging developed by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein
  • Can take stock, and purchase info directly from your store
  • The biases include Social Proof, Urgency, Scarcity, Cognitive Ease, Pain of Paying, and more
  • Suggests notifications for each page type on your store, including Home, Catalog, Collections, Product, Cart and Confirmation
  • It checks which notification converts best, so is optimising all the time.


  • Notifications do not use emojis.

Fera (Banana stand)

From 9$/month (Free plan available)

Fera helps Shopify Stores to increase urgency and social validation, with the promise of increase conversions.

Main strengths:

  • Easy to install
  • Allows you track all current customer journeys
  • Offers a free trial


  • Not fully integrated with Shopify: You need to leave Shopify to manage the App
  • Only focuses on social proof and urgency
  • Dashboard is quite difficult to navigate
  • Creating notifications isn’t intuitive


From $29/month. 7-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Fomo displays recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviors on Shopify Stores. Fomo also integrates with Zapier, Mailchimp, Instagram, and more.

Main strengths:

  • Offers notifications to increase credibility and hence traffic
  • Good list of integrations


  • Not fully integrated with Shopify store
  • You are allowed only 7 days to use the app for free
  • Required credit card to allow to go further
  • A lot harder to navigate its backoffice than banana stand


Croco.AI unlocks marketing techniques used by largest online brands in the world like and Amazon to everyone. It increases your leads, sales and subscriptions by showing visitors positive actions others are taking on your website.

You can start earning more leads within a same number of visitors right away after installing this tool. It utilizes social proof examples as a tool to generate more sales.

All you need to do is to insert a single line of JavaScript code into your website template (just like Google Analytics) and set up your rules, notifications and frequency.

Main strengths:

  • No credit card required
  •  100% Free


  • Installation might be a bit time-consuming if you have no idea what JavaScript code is


Useproof software helps website owners increase their conversion rates by 10% in less than 10 minutes. With this tool you will:

  • Increase conversions. Convert more visitors into leads and customers.
  • Save on acquisition. Your advertising spend will go further than ever before.
  • Build authority. Show your website visitors how popular your offer is.

The Hot Streaks notification shows the total number of people who have recently signed up or purchased on your site. This is Proof’s highest converting product and is most commonly used on landing pages, demos, and checkouts.

The Live Visitor Count notification shows many people are currently viewing the page or your entire site in real-time. Most commonly used by businesses to create FOMO on popular offers.

The Recent Activity notification shows a stream of people who have recently signed up or purchased on your site. This is our most popular product and is used on pages that get 5 or more leads or sales per day.

Main strengths:

  • Different types of notifications: Hot Streaks, Live Visitor Count, Recent Activity
  • Integrations with popular platforms (e.g. WordPress, HubSpot, PayPal, etc.)


  • 14-day free trial period


ProveSource leverages the power of social proof marketing to boost your app reputation, conversions and sales by highlighting recent customer behaviors in your app.

It is one of the most beautiful social proof pop-ups and the installation is easy-peasy. The support is awesome as well. And you can integrate it with the Shopify app.

Main strengths:

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Customizable notifications


  • Not free (unless you have less than 1000K visitors per month)


Provely is one of the simplest ways to increase sales and signup conversions. You can:

  • display lead or sale notifications to visitors in real-time on your site or page. (perfect for large volume sites);
  • display lead or sale notifications that rotate through over a select period of time. (perfect for medium volume sites)
  • display past, historical lead or sale notifications from customers/leads that previously signed up. (perfect for small volume and startups who don’t get daily sales/signups but have had past sales/signups)

As long as you can add a snippet of code onto each page you want Provely to display – it will work. This includes WordPress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, InstaPage, PayKickstart, checkout pages, and lots more.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for Provely. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Provely, you can get a refund.

Main strengths:

  • Real time notifications
  • Easy to set up


  • No free trial period


Retainly is an email marketing automation solution that caters specifically to Internet-based enterprises. The software is designed to help online businesses find and nurture high-quality leads and improve their conversion rate as well as grow their MRR (monthly recurring revenue) and LTV (lifetime value).

It is a multi-channel drip marketing software that supports SMS, email, and push notifications, giving online businesses with a platform that lets then engage their clients and prospects with time-delayed email automation.

Integrations with customer hub platforms such as Intercom, Mixpanel, Segment, and Woopra enables Retainly to capture automatically all information on your subscribers. From there, you can devise and execute time-delayed campaigns that are delivered via email, SMS and Push Notifications.

Main strengths:

  • Multiple Customer Sources
  • Personalization Options
  • Suppressions and Purging
  • Start for Free with up to 2000 Contacts


  • Small Business and Medium Business


SocialProve uses social proof to increase website conversion rates. When people visit your website, they will see small tiny popups showing other people also using your website. They feel more likely to use your website. Social proof increases conversions ~15% for a website.

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior in a given situation. Your visitors feel the same when they visit your website! SocialProve applies this social proof psychology to modern digital world.

Increase signup and purchase conversions by showing recent orders and active users in your website. New users trust more if they see that other people are also using and taking action on your site.

SocialProve will work for you after you install it on your website in 3 minutes without any coding skill.

Main strengths:

  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive interface


  • Free plan with 500 visitors per month


Fomo helps honest entrepreneurs show off customer interactions (purchases, opt-ins, even pageviews) with one line of code. As social proof notifications increase conversions and make your website the thriving bit of online real estate it is.

Fomo began as an ecommerce plugin, showing off recent sales activity with online shoppers. Today, it is integrated on 10,000+ websites and powers 500,000,000 notifications per month.

Pending use case, implementing Fomo takes as little as 15 minutes. If you need help integrating with your platform, there is a hands-on API implementation support.

You can also connect Google Analytics to measure click-through conversions.

Main strengths:

  • Customizable notifications (Drag & drop Page Rules, Add filters)
  • Advanced IP techniques to prioritize content from different areas.
  • Code free.


  • Free trial period.


Now you are ready to start skyrocketing your stores sales with social proof marketing. Test out different tactics when you’re trying to grow your social proof, and we’re sure that you’ll be seeing results in no time.