Our mission

Cryptalker was established at the beginning of 2018 by a group of female crypto-enthusiasts. Our mission is to serve the emerging and relatively small underrepresented community in decentralized finance and blockchain technology field.

The origins of blockchain and cryptocurrency are part of the reason why the industry lacks diversity. The early days of blockchain and crypto consisted mainly of hacktivists and cypherpunks. And while their motivations were well intentioned, the demographic was mostly white males. Fast forward 10 or so years, and look at the contemporary origins of blockchain and cryptocurrency: tech and finance—areas which are still struggling to become more representative of the population as a whole.

Because blockchain really should be the perfect space for inclusivity and diversity to thrive. The underlying spirit of the technology lies in opposition to rigid or standard systems put in place by conventional finance companies or the internet’s data monopolies. Blockchain is meant to oppose the normative expectations of society.

The technology requires that people come together and use it collaboratively. People who are accustomed to owning their data and keeping it in a cloud database are now working on one shared ledger. It’s collaborative. Diverse.

We are committed to build a sustainable, independent global media company.

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Address: Sepapaja tn 6 Tallinn Harjumaa 15551, Estonia

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January 1st

Cryptocurrencies are really great

October 22nd

Even this text can’t explain how badly we love mining

June 15th

Some more text just for the love of Bitcoin

May 31st

Bitcoin is inevitably dominating this miserable planet once and for all

November 2nd

People of Antarctica have bought all the video cards in local stores to mine some crypto for Christmas

February 3rd

Cryptalker was successfully founded. Very first version of the site became a ray of light in the dark universe of mining