Guarda Wallet Review 2020

Do you need a crypto wallet that accepts not only the most widely-spread coins but also many other crypto coins and tokens as well as be absolutely secure? A development company from Estonia tried to meet all requirements of modern crypto holders and created Guarda – a secure crypto wallet with extensive functionality and excellent reviews. The release of this wallet made headlines and therefore, it is important to learn more about it if your own or plan to get cryptocurrency in the future.

How to Buy Solana (SOL) Coin in 2020

Have you heard that a new blockchain performance even rivals Google distributed database and will continue to scale with hardware improvements? Solana coin is taking on one of tech’s biggest challenges: scaling blockchain for global adoption.

Solana Coin Overview

Solana is a high-throughput blockchain that is currently supporting 50–65k transactions per second and 400ms block times. There are no complex solutions like sharding or layer-two. As the world’s first web-scale blockchain, it will unlock a whole new class of performant applications and facilitate larger scale blockchain adoption. Utilizing a revolutionary innovation called Proof of History, it is drastically able to outperform any other existing layer 1 and provide fees at $0.00001 per transaction.


Solana was founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko, a former executive at Qualcomm with vast experience working with decentralized and distributed systems, alongside working on compression algorithms for Dropbox.

Anatoly joined forces with CTO Greg Fitzgerald and Chief Scientist Eric Williams to create a trustless and distributed protocol. The system encodes the passage of time within the data structure and allows higher scalability than common layer 1 blockchains.

Solana team

Main Features

According to the information on the official website, this highly performant blockchain introduces  8 innovations:

  1. Proof of History
  2. Tower Byzantine Fault Tolerance – a PoH-optimized version of PBFT
  3. Turbine – a block propagation protocol
  4. Gulfstream – mempool-less transaction forwarding protocol
  5. Sealevel – World’s first parallel smart contracts run-time
  6. Pipelining – Transaction processing unit for validation
  7. Cloudbreak – Horizontally-scaled accounts database
  8. Archivers – Distributed ledger storage

Proof of History (PoH)

Proof of History, the basis for the Solana network, is a sequence of computation that can provide a way to cryptographically verify the passage of time between two events. It uses a cryptographically secure function written so that output cannot be predicted from the input. And must be completely executed to generate the output.

Solana (SOL) Token
  •  Ticker: SOL
  •  Token type: ERC20
  •  ICO Token Price: 1 SOL = 0.10000 USD
  •  Fundraising Goal: 5,000,000 USD
  •  Total Tokens: 150,000,000
  •  Available for Token Sale: 70%
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC
  • How to Buy Solana on Binance

    I bet now you are eager to buy this new token as its background is rather impressive. It gets even better, Solana listing will be soon available on Binance. It will be a BTC/SOL pair.

    It means you have some time to get prepared if you have never used one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume before. Here is what you should do:

    1. Sign Up

    Go to the Binance exchange website. You will be asked to enter a minimal amount of personal information such as your email address, password, and a referral ID if you have one.

    2. Deposit Funds

    Now that your account is activated, you’ll need to add funds to your account if you wish to buy or sell any cryptocurrencies. You can either buy crypto coins (if you don’t own them) or transfer from your wallet (if you own BTC).

    2.1 Buy Bitcoin

    Binance has a feature that allows users to purchase certain cryptocurrencies directly with their Visa or Mastercard credit card. At this point, you are going to purchase BTC. Enter the purchase amount of the desired cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and whether you will be paying with the US dollar or euro.

    There is a minimum processing fee of $10 or 3.5 percent of the total order – whichever is more expensive. After completing this step, you will need to confirm your billing information, email address as well as your identity. A valid government-issued form of ID is required to be submitted to confirm your identity.

    Once all of the required steps have been completed, the newly purchased cryptocurrency should reach your Binance wallet within 10-30 minutes.

    2.2 Transfer Bitcoin from your wallet

    You can also make a deposit by sending funds from a separate cryptocurrency wallet into your Binance account. In order to do this, navigate to the “Funds” tab and click “Balances.” On this page, you will see all of the cryptocurrencies available for trading on Binance.

    To deposit the corresponding crypto into any of these, simply click the “Deposit” button next to the crypto asset of your choice. Either scan the QR code from your cryptocurrency wallet or paste in the address and then send it. Once that’s complete, wait for the transaction to process and you’ll be ready for trading.

    3. Placing a trade

    After you have your Bitcoin and SOL is available, you can trade this pair.

    Receive $20 in SOL token for Free

    But here is the kicker,  Binance will also be launching a bounty program for SOL worth $50,000. According to the official tweet, the first 1,000 people to complete all 5 tasks will earn a guaranteed reward of $20 in #SOL tokens.

    As per the announcement, the bounty tasks are as follows:

    1. Read the primer and complete the Solana Quiz at the bottom of the page
    2. Join the Solana Telegram
    3. Follow Solana on Twitter
    4. Subscribe to the Solana Newsletter
    5. Refer a friend who completes the Solana Quiz

    The first ten winners to complete four out of five tasks will receive $100 worth SOL tokens and the first one to complete all the five tasks will be rewarded with $1,000 worth SOL tokens.

    Summing up

    A new promising crypto coin is about to get on the market. And it is a perfect time to make this purchase. Don’t miss your chance!

    Shock, Hustle, and After-shock Predictions About Coronavirus

    Along with the unprecedented effect that the coronavirus has had on global health, it’s also caused havoc to the global economy. After four months of spreading, there is not a single financial market that has not been affected by COVID and the cryptocurrency market is no exception.

    The question now is where we are headed and what we can expect from the global economy in the next coming months. Whether you’re planning on benefitting from the turmoil using a cryptocurrency trading platform or you want to protect your investments from further losses, predicting what might happen should be a top priority.

    On the following page, you can read more about our predictions based on our long experience trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. Just keep in mind that these are predictions and that nothing is written in stone.

    Global Instability On the Markets

    At this point, there is no denying that the coronavirus outbreak has had a widespread negative effect on every market in the world, mainly the global stock markets and the cryptocurrency market.

    On several occasions in the past few weeks, the US stock market has plummeted to record-breaking lows. Moreover, just a few weeks ago, the cryptocurrency market collapsed.

    Subsequently, even though we’ve seen some growth over the last couple of days, the global economy is still very unstable and volatility is at an all-time high. Naturally, this makes it a lot harder to make and predictions on where the cryptocurrency market is headed.

    To try and get a better idea, we must take a look at what’s happened so far.

    Record-Breaking Drop in Market Capitalization

    In mid-February, the cryptocurrency market was flourishing, and at the time, it seemed like it would not be affected by the spread of corona. Around February 12th, the price of Bitcoin closed in on $10,300, which was the highest value recorded since September 2019.

    Shortly thereafter, things took a turn for the worst and between March 12 and March 13, after already having lost over $1,000 in value over a week, the price of Bitcoin plummeted, dropping 40+% in just 24 hours (from $7926 to $4402).

    Similar patterns can be seen across most of the market. For example, between March 7 and March 13, the price of Ethereum dropped 55+% (from $248 to $110). During the same time from, Bitcoin Cash dropped 56+% (from $343 to $151).

    As you can see, it was a total blood bath and investors and traders from all over the world were panicking and started selling, which most likely, increased the decline. Although, since then the market has recovered slightly, and based on the latest data, we’re able to make a quite accurate prediction about the future.

    Prediction: Should We Expect a Bull Run?

    Now to the million-dollar question: what will happen to the cryptocurrency market now?

    Well, as always, there is no sure way to tell. What we can say based on how the market has behaved previously, there is a high likelihood that we will experience a major bull run during 2020. The market has also already shown that it has the potential to grow to new heights this year considering that January was one of the best months for cryptos since mid-2019.

    With that said, there is an obviously strong correlation between the cryptocurrency market capitalization and the coronavirus so we shouldn’t expect any major changes until the virus has been defeated. A number of financial experts are also worried that we have entered a major recession and it would be the first-ever to hit the crypto market, making it extremely difficult to predict what will happen.

    All things considered, we are confident that the market will turn eventually and that we will probably experience a bull run with similar characteristics as the famous bull run of 2017. At the same time, more losses and plummeting prices should be expected until the coronavirus is under control.

    How To Protect Your Portfolio

    Due to this, many cryptocurrency investors are looking for ways to protect their portfolio for further losses, and that is another problem. Since all markets, including the stock and commodity markets, are struggling even worse than the cryptocurrency market, there aren’t so many options to pick from in terms of diversification and portfolio protection.

    Therefore, our advice is to hold on your investments until we can paint a better picture of where we’re headed. As mentioned, the cryptocurrency market will likely bounce back and the investors with patience enough to wait will be able to reap the benefits.

    Technical analysis of cryptocurrency PRIZM

    Comparative analysis Reversible Logic Engineering Analysis of features and software solutions.

    The PRIZM core is developed based on the NXT cryptocurrency source codes. The source code for PRIZM is published on GitHub, but not all files are published. It uses the Proof-of-Stake algorithm, the Diffie-Hellman elliptic Curve25519 (ECDH) algorithm, the SHA-256 hash algorithm, and AES-256 symmetric encryption. As an algorithm for forming blocks, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is used.

    The algorithm has the following effects:

    1. Solved the problem of excessive power consumption
    2. Minimized costs of system members on node support
    3. Game theory mathematics contribute to system decentralization
    4. The average generation time is self-regulating by a floating base target, aiming for a value in the range of 59-60 seconds

    The following transaction types are available:

    1. regular payment (transfer of PRIZM from address to address)
    2. message (sending text information)
    3. setting the name / description of the address (publishing text information on the blockchain and creating a data connection with the address)

    Details about the type of “Message”. The publication of text or other data, there are subspecies:

    1. Public message for the recipient
    2. Encrypted message for the recipient
    3. AES-256 is encrypted, the key is calculated by ECDH (sender_private_key,
    4. recipient_public_key)
    5. Public note for yourself
    6. Encrypted note for yourself

    Within one transaction, subtypes of the “Message” type can be combined in any combination.

    Algorithm «Paramining»

    A new algorithm for issuing new PRIZM coins and charging them to a virtual address account. Previously, this algorithm was not used in other cryptocurrencies. With an event that changes the balance of the address, the virtual account is reset; PRIZM coins deleted from the virtual account are sent to the owner address from the GENESIS address in the form of real coins. The GENESIS address has a negative balance, the balance module of which is constantly increasing, accurately reflecting the emission of cryptocurrency.

    PRIZM coins are credited to the virtual account every second, the amount of charges depends on the personal funds of the address and the amount of personal funds of other addresses associated with the main address.

    During the first transaction of the main address to a new address, a connection is created that cannot be destroyed. The links are layered and are stored in the para table of the paraprizm.h2.db database. Coins in the account of linked addresses are considered part of the amount only if the distance between the address for which paramining is calculated and the linked address is less than 88 other addresses.

    A new address means an address without a single transaction and the absence of PRIZM coins in the account.

    Advantages of the system

    • a minimum of transaction types makes the system predictable and reliable, minimizing the number of potentially vulnerable sections of code;
    • the variability and ease of integration of arbitrary data into the transaction body provides ample opportunities for using the PRIZM blockchain in distributed applications;
    • the ability to integrate arbitrary data facilitates integration with third-party services PRIZM, as it reduces the identification of incoming payments to a simple check, which is much simpler than the methods that have to be used to integrate Bitcoin and its tokens;
    • military grade encryption standards;
    • an innovation that implements emissions in the form of “paramining” is an interesting phenomenon that requires further study;
    • paramining saves energy and facilitates network support, since it does not require expensive equipment for issuing coins, which makes PRIZM more accessible for maintaining its own node compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum and other PoW currencies;
    • emission is fully transferred to ordinary users;
    • the probability of an attack of 51 percent (double spending) is much less than that of Bitcoin, due to the excessive cost of the attack (the cost of an attack exceeds the attacker’s potential benefit: you need to buy back half of all existing PRIZM coins);
    • when using the web interface of the node to create transactions, the private key is used locally on the user’s machine, all cryptography is duplicated in JavaScript for full work in the browser to avoid transmitting the private key;
    • convenient JSON RPC: you can almost always find a method that allows you to get information of interest.

    The resulting system problems

    • static base target problem due to the increase in the volume of circulating PRIZM coins, the total amount of funds generating blocks using the PoS algorithm may go beyond the predetermined limits of the base target, which will lead to a decrease in the average block generation time of less than 59 seconds. However, in the course of the study, a deterministic mechanism was discovered that changes the limits of the basic goal to fully compensate for this effect.
    • the problem of low attractiveness of site content due to the fact that the issue is created by ordinary users, maintaining your own site is at first glance not as financially attractive as maintaining it for Bitcoin or Ethereum. On the other hand, the cost of maintaining the site is several times less: it does not require a large amount of disk space; does not require large computing power; it is not necessary to perform constant heavy calculations with energy costs. In general, the absence of emissions in favor of the creator of the block when creating blocks fully offset by low requirements for ownership of the system node, and the commission funds are more than enough to pay back the invested funds. Also, when receiving commissions for creating a block, a trigger is triggered that creates a transaction with paramining to the address of the creator of the block, which avoids commission for an outgoing transaction to activate the trigger.

    The problem of the basic goal is solved by regularly changing the basic goal. Once in a certain number of blocks, the target is recalculated in accordance with the current emission in such a way that the mathematical model of the block generation algorithm maintains proportions that ensure uniform generation of blocks and protect the network from double waste attacks and others.

    Main questions



    • decompilation of the source code of the PrizmEngine.jar file from the prizm-dist- package obtained from
    • database analysis prizm_db / paraprizm.h2.db and prizm_db / prizm.h2.db
    • monitoring network interactions between nodes in a synthetic environment
    • Functionality

    It is necessary to answer the questions:

    • Why is the class not published?
    • What is the real class functionality?

    The file is obfuscated to prevent uncontrolled creation of hard forks; Obfuscation does not interfere with restoring the abstract model of the class’s functionality based on the code structure:

    Class initialization

    • Connection to the paraprizm.h2.db database
    • Database Integrity Check
    • Restore Database Integrity
    • Database update
    • Public methods of the class and inverse functional:
      • popLastBlock – starts reverse calculations for the paraprizm.h2.db database and turns it into the state in which it was 1 block back
      • rollbackToBlock – control code for the popLastBlock method
      • getBaseTargetStart – returns the nearest height at which the limits of the base target should be updated
      • isBaseTargetRegionBegins – answers the question whether the blockchain is at the height of changing the limits of the base target
      • calculateBaseTarget – recalculates a new base goal to compensate for the increase in the number of PRIZM coins involved in creating blocks
      • getBaseTarget – returns the cached base target for a given height
      • convert – converts a transaction to a format for internal computing
      • check – creates and validates transactions GENESIS addresses
      • canReceive – validates duplicate transactions for a GENESIS address
      • getMetrics – returns data about a virtual address account
      • getFixedFee – calculates a fixed commission


    • private class conducts complex internal calculations
    • it is impossible to create hard fork without these calculations
    • class interface is transparent
    • methods receive only the data that is required for data processing
    • no opaque requests to external (unfocused) code
    • no suspicious behavior detected
    • the code is functional

    Innovations and improvements

    The PrizmEngine.jar file was decompiled, followed by the construction of maps of the remote, created, and modified logical connections of the methods relative to the NXT code.

    The method was applied after obtaining permission from the official representatives of the cryptocurrency.

    A comparative analysis of the source code and the database revealed the following changes, code improvements and innovations that are not related to building up external functionality and distinguishing the PRIZM core.

    Innovations and optimizations in the PRIZM code base

    1. a new algorithm for removing obsolete records from the database, the task is divided into small parts, performed in a different order, performance gain is measured in multiple numbers
    2. the use of indexes on the used database columns is widely introduced, which speeds up query processing
    3. the constant value limiting the base target has been replaced by a dynamic
    4. the dependence of the base target on the current emission is created, which stabilizes the speed of block generation in an environment with a varying volume of PRIZM coins participating in the PoS algorithm
    5. reimplemented the transaction request algorithm from the database in which the target address is involved; the new algorithm limits the number of conditions and the amount of data read, which has a beneficial effect on performance
    6. new mechanism for scheduled blockchain scanning from the GENESIS block;
    7. new mechanism for checking blocks before real data processing
    8. additional verification of transactions before real data processing
    9. reduced maximum transaction size by 85% to 1.5 KB
    10. new mechanism for checking unconfirmed transactions in the database, which starts when the node starts
    11. new algorithm for checking raw transaction bytes
    12. new mechanism for creating a self-signed SSL certificate
    13. reimplemented queries to the database, the number of conditions and the amount of requested data are limited
    14. new SSL encryption mechanism using host internal tools
    15. new mechanism of dynamic fluctuations of the base target


    1. The average block transaction capacity has increased significantly; network throughput increased in proportion to 85% change in maximum transaction size
    2. The performance of the blockchain download process and the processing speed of outdated data has increased in multiple values, increasing the overall maximum fault tolerance of the system in the long term
    3. Replaced mechanisms for working with the database led to a multiple reduction in the delay in processing API and P2P requests, to a multiple reduction in the time for block validation and blockchain scanning
    4. PRIZM is more productive and reliable in the long run than NXT
    5. The PRIZM core is capable of processing more data without significant performance impact.
    6. System security is enhanced by multiple additional checks that do not have a noticeable effect on performance
    7. A number of new checks and validations are performed before the actual data processing begins, eliminates the possibility of deliberate node overload with useless data processing, reduces the load on the disk and network subsystems
    8. The mechanism for automatically creating an SSL certificate allows users to immediately start using the host they started using the universally accepted HTTPS data encryption protocol, which is especially important for forging addresses, because in order to start the process of creating blocks, it is necessary to transmit the passphrase of the address to the host side via the Internet (to create digital block signatures).


    • PRIZM is 10 times faster than the first transaction confirmation and hit the blockchain
    • PRIZM has 5 times faster transaction acquisition of irreversible status
    • More blocks are needed to declare a transaction irreversible, but the high speed of creating blocks means that after 10 minutes the transaction can be considered irreversible. This is an excellent result for the payment of goods and services due to the reduction of the transaction time.
    • More dynamic growth rate
    • The maximum rate for the year is much higher than that of Bitcoin, which indicates the positive prospects for further growth.
    • Significantly more profitable commissions
    • Small commissions minimize losses during the redistribution of funds between controlled addresses and payment for goods and services, favor the further growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies.
    • PRIZM user activity is more than a third of Bitcoin user activity, which is a worthy result, considering that PRIZM is almost a decade younger than Bitcoin.
    • The prospect of financial gain through trading is superior to Bitcoin

    A stable rate with rare but significant fluctuations up allows you to give a positive forecast regarding the profitability of currency trading. The prospect of financial gain through investment storage

    Paramining has created a new niche in the world of cryptofinance, providing the opportunity to profit without the need to engage in trading


    PRIZM is positioned as a cryptocurrency payment system. It does not promise distributed applications, smart contracts or tokens, but provides tools for building various add-ons on its basis. The PRIZM kernel does the minimum that it promises, but it does well.

    The kernel supports expansion using add-ons, which allows you to extend the functionality of the API and integrate the kernel with complex analytical tools without making changes to the source code and recompiling the kernel; add-ons provide full access to real-time blockchain events. The functionality accrued with add-ons does not lose working capacity when updating the PRIZM kernel version.

    The level of optimization of performance and node security shows that the code base is regularly updated and maintained; developers regularly conduct a performance analysis and make appropriate modifications. The system is in good technical condition and has been able to function for decades.

    PRIZM cryptocurrency is expected to continue to grow in popularity. The tendency to maintain the average rate over the next year will continue. With the further integration of cryptocurrency into various services for trading goods and services, the rate will grow.

    Traders are Turning to Forex Signals During Times of High Volatility

    The financial markets – and forex in particular, is currently in the midst of unprecedented times. One only needs to look at the recent volatility levels of major currencies like the pound sterling, euro, and US dollar to recognize that trading has never been more challenging. Crucially, more and more traders are now turning to forex signal services to help gauge which way the markets are likely to go.

    UK-based signal provider Learn 2 Trade notes that they have received a recent surge in account sign-ups – owed partly to the ongoing threats of global pandemic COV-19. In doing so, subscribers receive trading suggestions in real-time via channels such as Telegram and email.

    With trading suggestions deriving from automated algorithms that scan the forex markets 24/7, this ensures that investors are in the know as soon as an opportunity presents itself. After all, seasoned traders know first-hand that volatile forex markets are often the most conducive for making gains.

    Why are People Turning to Forex Signal Providers?

    For those unaware, forex signals are trading suggestions that are sent to subscribers in real-time. Rather than basing the suggestion on human subjectivity, providers like Learn 2 Trade utilize the ever-growing capabilities of artificial intelligence.

    In its most basic form, the underlying technology will scan heaps of forex markets – such as GBP/USD and EUR/USD, constantly looking for potential trading opportunities. It does so through the assistance of technical indicators.

    Once the software does find a tradable opportunity, it will then send a notification in real-time to its subscribers, containing the relevant entry and exit points.

    Seasoned traders will often point to the fact that they are able to gauge which way the markets are going to go without the assistance of automated technology.

    Learn 2 Trade explains that although this is true to a degree, the signal provider argues that human analysis is severely limited. In other words, while an experienced trader can manually assess a specific forex pair throughout the day, there are only so many pairs that they can effectively analyze at any given time.

    On the contrary, forex signal services that are backed by automated technologies have no limits. As such, they can scan as many currencies as the provider wishes to, without the fear of market irrationality, fatigue, or emotion – 24 hours per day Instead, everything is based on the pre-defined conditions that the AI technology is programmed to follow.

    What Happens Once a Forex Signal is Sent?

    Those that subscribe to forex signal providers like Learn 2 Trade will receive a range of data once an opportunity presents itself. The provider explains that most of its subscribers opt for Telegram, although others prefer email or RSS feed. Nevertheless, at the forefront of the signal is the relevant entry and exit prices.

    For example, let’s say that the signal identifies that EUR/USD is heavily overbought due to a surge in demand for US dollars. As such, the suggestion might advise the subscriber to place a sell order at an entry price of 1.0824. Even more importantly, the signal will advise the trigger price on both stop-loss and take-profit orders.

    Learn 2 Trade explains that this ensures that subscribers are well protected in the event that the markets go the wrong way. With that said, the beauty of forex signal services is that they offer an element of flexibility. For example, although you might allow the signal to lead with its entry and stop-loss trigger prices, you might want to install a more risk-averse take-profit order.

    It is important to note that increasing demand for signal service providers is not exclusive to just forex. In fact, providers are seeing more and more demand on the crypto side. For example, Bitcoin volatility levels are extremely high at present, making it difficult to trade the asset manually.

    Instead, traders are looking to signal providers like Learn 2 Trade. Once again, although volatile markets can be daunting to trade, they do present ample opportunities. Many of these opportunities – especially in the crypto arena, allow traders to target large gains while at the same time – rely on the installation of sensible stop-losses.

    In particular – and much like the global forex markets, the cryptocurrency trading scene operates on a 24/7 basis – so subscribers all over the world have the opportunity to capitalize on a trade signal that requires immediate attention.

    The Verdict?

    In summary, with inexperienced traders finding it difficult to navigate their way through the turbulent market conditions currently in play, more and more investors are turning to forex and crypto signal service providers for assistance.

    With providers like Learn 2 Trade now offering new customers a 30-day money-back guarantee, this allows you to test-drive the signal service prior to making a long-term commitment.

    6 Crypto Websites Blocked by Russia’s Media Watchdog, Including News Outlet

    In what seems to be another episode in a long-running campaign, the Russian telecom regulator has restricted access to at least six websites posting content related to cryptocurrencies. Тhe forum section of, a leading crypto news outlet, is among the internet pages that have been blacklisted this month.

    Roskomnadzor Restricts Access to Crypto Forum

    The latest offensive was launched on March 5, when the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) added five crypto websites to its register of banned internet sources. Access to,,,, and was restricted following a ruling by the Nyandomsky District Court in Arkhangelsk Oblast issued a day earlier. The sites offer different services, from crypto exchange to mobile top-ups with bitcoin, and one of them is an information portal.


    Around the time these websites were blocked, readers complained that the forum became inaccessible too. Eventually, the outlet was able to establish that this section of its website was blacklisted on a 2017 request from the Federal Tax Service (FTS) citing a ban on the dissemination of prohibited information in Russia. At the time, the tax agency was unhappy with a forum thread about an online casino. The thread was created and closed in 2016. It was eventually deleted. founder Ivan Tikhonov commented on Facebook:

    RKN blocks the site again. Stock up on proxies and VPNs.

    Tikhonov’s team is currently negotiating with Roskomnadzor. The problem is that some internet providers have actually blocked the whole domain, not just the website’s forum. Those that are not diligent enough to immediately implement the regulator’s restrictions are threatened by sanctions. A reversal of the ban, however, could take several months and no one will be held accountable for any delays in this case. Tikhonov also posted a screenshot of the official reference to the blocking of from Roskomnadzor’s website and said that the agency had acted without prior notice. blocked on request from the Federal Tax Service blocked on request from the Federal Tax Service dating back to 2017

    Regulator Accused of Targeting Websites Arbitrarily

    Roskomnadzor started blocking crypto websites in 2015. Since then, multiple platforms have been affected, including Coinspot and Cointelegraph a few months ago. Authorities find grounds for these decisions and actions in a statement by the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) on “virtual currencies” published in 2014. Besides issuing the usual warnings to the public, the bank stated that the law prohibits the issuance and circulation of “money surrogates” on the territory of the Russian Federation.

    Bank of Russia points to many similarities between the different cases. For example, they are often filed by prosecutors in various Russian regions but the restrictive measures are imposed on a national level. The district courts refer to the CBR’s position and the absence of a regulatory framework but fail to recognize that no current Russian law bans decentralized cryptocurrencies or the publication of information about them. Furthermore, blocked websites are often totally unrelated, which leaves the impression that they are being targeted arbitrarily.

    As a result, operators of such platforms successfully challenge the rulings in higher courts. In March 2018, the Saint Petersburg City Court struck down a ban on 40 websites with information and services related to cryptocurrencies. In April, the Supreme Court overturned a decision to block the portal. In May 2019, Roskomnadzor was forced to remove from its blacklist, after prosecutors gave up efforts to block the website citing the lack of regulations. According to recent statements by officials, the Russian parliament may finally adopt the Law on Digital Financial Assets by the end of March.


    How to Choose a Bitcoin Wallet in 2020

    New Year. New You. New Bitcoin Wallet.

    Choosing the best wallet for your coin was never actually simple. From the full-client dinosaurs of old, in which you had to download the entire blockchain in order for them to work- to the many highly questionable yet ubiquitous wallets tied to the most popular trading platforms.

    Knowing which bitcoin wallet is the right bitcoin wallet is largely dependent on what you plan on using it for and the type of bitcoin investment you plan on making. These things can seem fairly abstract ideas for someone who is just starting to familiarize themselves with the wide world of bitcoin investments.

    Luckily for newbs – there are a number of online platforms, like Bitvavo, that are specifically designed to help guide hopeful traders through the process of how the bitcoin wallet universe works. Making it super simple to make fully informed choices when it comes to choosing things like what sort of wallet will fit you best!

    Types of Bitcoin Wallets

    Perhaps you’ve already settled on a platform and are now starting to do some independent research into bitcoin wallets. Maybe you’re a seasoned trader and are just looking for some quick insight into what’s hot in 2020. Whatever your motivations, knowing the main types of wallets that exist is absolutely necessary if you’re going to make the best choice for your investment.

    Hot Wallets

    Hot wallets are Bitcoin wallets that are constantly connected to the internet. These can be software wallets, online wallets, platform wallets, mobile wallets… If your wallet is always connected online, it’s a hot one.

    Hot wallets are great for bitcoin that you plan on moving around or trading with, offering quick liquidity, and very responsive trading and valuation of your stash. However, hot wallets are notorious for getting hacked, and it’s never a good idea to have these types of wallets as your sole keeper of the coin.

    Cold Wallets

    Cold wallets are those that are not always connected to the internet. These can be hardware wallets, software wallets, and paper wallets. While these types of wallets are not often connected to the internet, some may be connected online sometimes.

    These types of wallets are ideal for storing a backup of any online wallet you have or keeping the lion’s share of your stash under lock and key. As these types of wallets aren’t always connected, it can sometimes take a while to get the wallet connected in such a way that you can actually start sending your coins. Another downfall of cold wallets is “physical” wallets- meaning the wallet is stored on a flash drive or a piece of paper. This means that if the information or vessel for your wallet is lost- it’s gone for good.

    Best Bitcoin Wallets Available

    Depending on the hot/cold, trade/store, buy/sell crypto goals you have, some wallets provide to be a far superior choice. Here are the top three bitcoins wallets in 2020, narrowed down by category.

    Hardware Wallets

    These wallets are physical and cold: meaning they’re offline until you say so, and you better find a super safe place for storing them. That being said, these bitcoin wallets are designed to provide you with the absolute highest security available in cryptocurrency. These are the type of wallets that are owned by whales and other intensely serious investors.

    1. Trezor

      While it may look like a garage door opener inside the matrix, Trezor offers top of the line security and sleek design. The wallet itself is super user-friendly and links up with your PC or mobile-only when you tell it to- using either google chrome or a phone app. The wallet allows you to check balances and access personal keys anytime you need them, by using a display function.

    2. Ledger Nano S

      This hardware wallet can be used for any number of cryptocurrencies, not just bitcoin, making it a stand-out in the crowd. It uses a USB to connect to your computer, and a closed execution environment to provide the highest security available in the market. This particular wallet also has a function where it can be recovered if lost.

    3. CoolWalletS

      A hardware wallet specifically made for the ease of use similar to what you can expect from a normal hot wallet. The wallet connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth through an app. While to connectivity is primed and ready to go whenever, or where ever you are, the wallet itself is only connected as you need it to be, keeping your information safe. This hardware wallet also goes a step further and integrates with well known digital exchange platforms.

    4. Mobile Wallets

      1. Exodus

        This online wallet will not only grant you access directly on your PC or mobile, but it also deals in literally hundreds of different digital currencies, making it a top priority for most traders looking for a hot wallet. Private keys are stored directly on the user’s device, so any software malfunctions or system failures won’t result in a loss of your coin.

      2. Coinomi

        Supports a high number of different altcoins, offers collaboration with a few different exchanges, and the mobile phone application is one of the most user-friendly and diverse in the world.

      3. Edge

        This super simple bitcoin wallet is ideal if you’re a beginner and trying to fly solo. It features an automatic backup and really simple access. Edge bitcoin wallet is also comparable with most of the top known altcoins as well.

    Blockchain Life 2020 welcomes 5000 participants and leading companies of the industry

    Blockchain Life 2020 welcomes 5000 participants and leading companies of the industry on April 22-23 in Moscow

    The biggest event on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining in Europe is taking place at an innovative venue — Music Media Dome.

    On April 22-23 Blockchain Life 2020 brings together 5000 participants from 70 countries. Among them: businessmen and entrepreneurs, investors, miners, blockchain developers, founders of the innovative startups, government officials and everyone who wants to know more about one of the most promising sphere.

    Learn more about the forum and get an Early Bird ticket on

    At Blockchain Life 2020 the following topics are highlighted: blockchain development and its implementation in business, analysis of current methods of earning in the field of cryptocurrencies, trading, and mining. An important task of the forum is to create a platform for a dialogue between the industry community and government authorities.

    One of the most expected moments of Blockchain Life 2020 — exclusive speech of Ian Balina — a world-famous blogger, blockchain-entrepreneur, and investor.

    Among speakers of the forum:

    • Ruslan Ensebaev (vice-minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan);
    • Joselite Ramirez (the National Superintendent of Crypto actives in Venezuela);
    • Sergei Khitrov (founder of Listing.Help and Jets.Capital);
    • Alexander Borodich (founder of Universa);
    • Rauan Khassan (VP TradingView);
    • Artem Kalikhov (CPO of Waves) and others.

    Two days of networking with top-management of the leading companies: Binance, BitForex, Listing.Help, Trading View, Huobi, KuCoin, B2Broker, Bitmain, Gazprom Neft and many others await Blockchain Life 2020’s attendees.

    Choose the best type of participation now while tickets are available:

    Forum’s organizers:, the world’s leading listing agency on crypto exchanges, and, an international association. General sponsor — a cryptocurrency exchange

    8bit Limited runs a contest in its Free DOGE faucet in Telegram

    Do you want to get cryptocurrency but have no mining equipment and experience? 8bit Limited company welcomes partners and contributors to join the project and get crypto coins in this simple way too. About a year ago it has launched a free Dogecoin faucet in Telegram. Do you want to know how to get Dogecoin for free?

    Look: this article will shed light on this project from 8bit Limited company and tell you how to earn coins in this way. Company

    Being a product of an international company called Pixel Softworks Engineering Ltd, 8bit.Ltd is a company that united professionals with 15-year experience who began to research newly evolved blockchain technology in 2010 and managed to gather an impressive number of investors and crypto enthusiasts around its multi-purpose cryptocurrency platform.

    Nowadays, the project attracts investors offering a wide range of payment methods including 43 crypto coins. The platform is available only in English but there is enough information about the company and its offers in the FAQ section. Moreover, every person can easily contact the customer support representative pressing the button ‘Chat with us’.

    The company also has its own multilingual Telegram-bot that will inform about the latest news and release of new projects as well as advise how to diversify funds, what projects to invest and how to get a constant passive income without huge investments. At the moment, the investment plan offers users to make a deposit from $30 to $1,000 and get every day profit of 0.05%. However, there is one more interesting way to earn cryptocurrency via 8bit.Ltd and it is a faucet in Telegram.

    How to earn via Doge faucet in Telegram

    If you want to use a free Dogs faucet and earn cryptocurrency on Telegram, it is necessary to add this 8bit Telegram bot to your account. After that, you will be able to claim your bonus every day manually pressing the button.

    There are two types of users who can take advantage of earning in this faucet:

    • Advanced users
      These are users who have made at least one active deposit and get higher awards on a daily basis.
    • Basic users
      These are users who use a faucet free of charge and make no investment.

    The earnings depend on the level and number of days in a row when a user claimed bonuses. For example, a beginner who has just added a bot to the Telegram account can get 5 Dogecoin every day if this is a Basic user and 20 Dogecoins if this is an Advanced user. When a user reaches the final 36th level, there is a possibility to get 100 and 500 Doge respectively.

    8bit DOGE

    If you have no time or desire to press the ‘Claim’ button manually every day, you can switch on the autopilot function and get your profits without putting extra effort.

    Special offers and promos

    8bit offers new users who have just joined the project a great welcome bonus in Doge. Basic users will get 10 Doge and Advanced users will be awarded 30 Doge if they take advantage of the faucet.

    Other ways to get great awards are through participation in daily and monthly raffles. The company offers users to win from 10 to 250 Dogecoins every day as well as take part in the monthly raffle with the prize range between 50 and 2,500 Doge. In fact, there are several winners in these raffles since 3 winners get the smallest award (10/50 Doge daily and 50/500 Doge monthly depending on the user type), 2 people get a second prize (25/100 Doge daily and 100/1,000 Doge monthly), and only 1 winner gets a maximum prize (50/250 Doge daily and 250/2,500 Doge monthly).

    Active users who claim Doge on a regular basis can get under Dogefall and get a crypto gift from other users who have many coins. One more way to get rewards is to report about any bugs you have noticed in the project since the development team encourages users to participate in the improvement of the project.

    There is also a Progressive bonus for users who do not skip days and request funds regularly. This amount can grow up to 500 Doge.

    Deposit and withdrawal

    The project supports 43 cryptocurrencies and all of them can be used for making a deposit if you want to increase your profits and become an Advanced user. Fiat currency can be deposited and withdrawn via Perfect Money and Payeer – they support USD and EUR.

    If you want to deposit funds, you need to register on the website of this project and select the payment option preferred.

    Withdrawals work round the clock and are delivered almost instantly. Usually, it takes a maximum of 24 hours to complete the transaction. The minimum withdrawal amount is $/€ 1 or its equivalent in cryptocurrency. The minimum withdrawal amount for bonus funds is 50 Doge.

    Referral program

    8bit.Ltd has a great referral program that allows getting coins for every friend you bring to the faucet. When you register an account on the website, you get a referral link that can be shared with relatives, friends, and acquaintances. The amount of your reward according to this program depends on the number of friends attracted and can range from 25 to 5,000 Doge.

    8bit referrals

    When one of the friends you have invited becomes an Advanced user, the award gets much higher ranging from 40 to 15,000 Doge.

    Upcoming King of the Hill contest

    Recently 8bit started a marathon of special promos in Telegram called New Year’s Extravaganza.
    Another event in this marathon is King of the Hill contest for leaders of referral structures.
    Those users whose referrals have claimed most DOGEs will take part in our King of the Hill contest.

    Here’s the official press release from 8bit website:

    • Each DOGE claimed by your referrals counts as 1 point for this contest. The more DOGE they claim during the contest, the more points you get and the higher becomes your position in global ranking and the larger prize you win.
    • Top 150 users with a maximal number of DOGEs claimed by their referrals will place in winners’ ranking.
    • 150 top performant winners will receive prizes according to their position in Top-150 ranking. The total prize fund is $3500 and will be distributed in DOGE according to its exchange rate at the end of the contest.

    Want to get into Top-150 ranking? You can do it:

    1. Just bring more new referrals to our 8bit Telegram bot
    2. Motivate your referrals to keep claiming FREE DOGE from our faucet every day!

    The King of the Hill contest will take place from 1 till 15 January. On January 15th, 12:00 (server time) the scoring will be over and the contest results will be published at the promo page.

    How to become a King of the Hill?

    Suppose you have 10 referrals who claim FREE DOGE in our 8bit Telegram faucet. And they claim about 125 DOGE per day which gives you 125 points. As they keep claiming DOGEs, within 15 days you keep rising to the top of the ranking. After accumulating as many points as you can, you can place in Top-150 ranking and win a prize.
    However, you can speed up your ascension in a few ways:

    1. first of all, motivate your referrals not to skip any days and claim DOGEs every day
    2. motivate them to make deposits, thus they will become Advanced users and
      • a. will be able to receive significantly more Free DOGEs
      • b. they themselves can participate in the King of the Hill and bring more their referrals
    3. bring new referrals to the 8bit Telegram bot and show them 8bit faucet for claiming FREE DOGE.

    Participate in the contest now! Add 8bit bot to your Telegram


    Telegram faucet offers a Doge reward not only for pressing the ‘Claim’ button but also for playing mini-games directly in 8Bit Telegram bot. Currently, there are 4 mini-games available for players:

    • Lucky 33
    • Dice Roll 99
    • Ro Sham Bo
    • Instant Lotto
    • Treasure Hunt (recently introduced)

    These are simple games with instructions if necessary where you can bet and win Doge prizes.


    8bit investment project was introduced in 2016 and it has attracted a variety of users since that time. Before the launch of Doge faucet on Telegram, it was impossible to earn cryptocurrency through this platform free of charge. However, this faucet made it possible to get Dogecoin free simply pressing a button on a daily basis. It is a great opportunity to increase your crypto holdings in an easy and fast manner without making any investment. Moreover, if you enjoy the process and want to increase your profits, you can deposit anything starting from $30 and get bigger awards each new day.

    BitcoinMixer Service Review 2020

    Do you want to find a reliable crypto mixer to guarantee the anonymity of your crypto transactions? One more decent competitor has joined this market this year and now it is possible to make tinted coins clean on Since the service is a new one, it is important to understand what it offers to clients and how it can stand out among other competitors in this sphere. You will agree it would be great to find a trusted mixing service with low fees and several interesting features. Is one of them?

    Look: this article will tell you all the basic information about to understand if this tumbler is worth your attention.

    What is

    BitcoinMixer is an online platform that offers Bitcoin mixing services. It breaks the connection between the sender and the recipient’s wallet address to prevent the traceability of this transaction. It allows taking the anonymity level of BTC transactions to a new level and makes it impossible to hide your transactions that are usually visible in the blockchain.

    How Does it Work? has a pool that includes coins of other users as well as coins of the mixing service. When a person wants to clean tainted coins or prevent the possibility of tracing his transactions through the blockchain, he sends a certain amount of coins to the service. The last one accepts these coins, adds them to the general pool, mixes them with other coins for a certain period of time (usually the time of delay indicated by a user) and delivers clean coins to one or several destination addresses provided by the customer. All this is done for a small service fee which is taken from the total amount of cryptocurrency.

    BitcoinMixer Features

    When a user looks for a blender service, he usually considers what features it has. In fact, has several important things to mention:

    1. No registration required

      It is enough to open the website and press the ‘New mix’ button to start the process.

    2. Multiple addresses

      When you enter the final address to deliver mixed coins, it is possible to distribute them among up to 5 wallets.

    3. Instant and delayed transactions

      In comparison with many other tumbler services, guarantees almost instant transactions if you select this option placing the order. However, many experts and the service itself recommend selecting a delay time up to 24 hours to improve privacy. It is possible to select 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, and 24-hour delay if you wish.

    4. Mix ID

      Every mix that is performed on gets an ID number. It is provided with the goal to let users check the mixed-status or to restore the mix in case of the browser crash after funds deposit. A user can enter the ‘Mix status’ section on the website, enter the ID and see what happens with his coins at the moment.
      BitcoinMixer mixing status

    5. Minimum confirmations

      One of the most annoying things during the mixing process is numerous confirmations users should wait until the mixer processes the funds. has solved this problem asking only for 1 confirmation if you mix amounts under 20 BTC. If your Bitcoin amount to mix immediately is bigger, you need to wait for 6 confirmations.

    BitcoinMixer Fees

    It is quite predictable that will get a big number of clients since its fees are very competitive. In fact, you should pay a service fee of 0.25% from the total amount mixed and a transaction fee of 0.000001 BTC for every destination address to send Bitcoin to.

    Minimum Deposit

    The smallest amount accepted by the platform for mixing is 0.0002 BTC. If you try to send less, these funds will be accepted as a donation by the platform.

    Log Policy

    BitcoinMixer features features no logs policy. There is no need to register on the service or provide any personal data to complete the transaction. Moreover, all the information about the mix can be deleted by the user manually immediately after its completion or it will be automatically erased from the server after 7 days.

    How to Mix Bitcoins using BitcoinMixer

    Even a child can cope with the mixing process on It is necessary to complete the following steps:

    1. Press the orange ‘New Mix’ button.
      BitcoinMixer home page
    2. Enter the recipient’s wallet address or several of them by clicking the ‘Add Address’ link below the box.
      BitcoinMixer mix
    3. Choose the delay time (from instant to 24 hours).
    4. Write down or copy the Mix ID.
    5. Send the amount you want to mix to the address generated.
    6. Wait for your coins to be mixed.
    7. Receive your clean coins to one or several destination addresses provided.


    There are situations when users need help and is happy to provide it to its clients. If you have any questions or face some issues, you can contact the service representatives filling out a special form. It is necessary to provide your email address, mix ID, and write the text of your message. Customer support promises to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.


    Despite being a new tumbler service launched only in December 2019, has already found its first clients and received the first reviews from them. The main incentive for that was a bounty program launched by the service with a $10 reward to everyone who would mix Bitcoin there. Fortunately, these efforts were successful and these reviews have confirmed that is a trusted blender service and can be used for mixing coins by everyone.

    8 Alternatives to LocalBitcoins in 2020

    As fall rolled around, LocalBitcoins, a Finland-based P2P bitcoin marketplace, prepared a rather unwelcome surprise for its users. Following the changes in the Finnish legislature, they had to tighten the rules concerning user verification. Sure, LocalBitcoins hardly had any choice in the matter. And yet many of its users frustrated by major inconveniences are already searching for a better LocalBitcoins alternative.


    Telegram Marketing Strategy for Cryptocurrency and Beyond

    There is no such thing as too much publicity, if you ask me. Not when you are trying to put your ideas and products out there, anyway. Out of all the ways to do that, Telegram marketing is relatively new. And there’s a lot of potential too.