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Digital marketing and social media had helped to spread the cause of Bitcoins and will continue to do so to make it the currency of the Internet. And Bitcoin Ad Networks have done a lot for that.

However, the crypto ban of related ads by major ad networks like Google, Facebook, and Twitter has pushed back the marketing activities of the companies. This shall slow down the growth of one of the biggest and fastest growing technological revolution of this century. Newer companies in this sector will face a much tougher time to acquire customers and spread a word about their products. Marketers are heading back to traditional methods and alternative ad platforms to spread a word.

Bitcoin Ad Networks stand out with their anonymity, fast Payment system, and their easy interface. Also, it’s very important that almost all Ad Network is compatible with Google Adsense.

Best Bitcoin Advertising Networks 2019

Bitcoin advertising sites may differ in several parameters: which websites they allow on their network, their payout model, support score and more.


Coinzilla is a crypto and finance display advertising network built and operated by Sevio Solutions. It was created with the purpose of expanding the crypto market and providing it with a complete advertising solution. Since its release, Coinzilla has promoted over 200 brands and it’s currently helping over 400 Publishers monetize their online content.

  • Commission Type: CPC, CPM, POP
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.001
  • Payment Frequency: On Request
  • Ad Formats: Multiple (Classic Banners, Header Banners, Sticky Banners, and Native Ads)
  • Geographic: All world
  • Affiliate program: will be available soon


CoinTraffic has become the premier digital advertising partner in the blockchain and crypto sectors. With CoinTraffic you can add your banners on most popular crypto-related projects: news portals, market cap websites, exchanges, crypto communities, and others.

The platform provides GEO targeting as well as device targeting – desktop and mobile. And it provides traffic from all over the world. On the other hand, the network is not very flexible and only offers 100% prepaid CPM traffic.

Minimum payment threshold is €25 – maximum uncapped. Accumulated commissions are received in euro (EUR) and payments made in Bitcoins (BTC) to your BTC wallet address.

  • Commission Type: CPM
  • Minimum Payment: €25
  • Payment Frequency: On Request
  • Ad Formats: Multiple, usually top positions of websites
  • Geographic: All world
  • Affiliate program: Not available

Mellow Ads

This is one of the oldest crypto ad networks today. The platform makes it easy to get involved with the advertisers. However, if a site does not have quality traffic, the earnings will show this deficit. Since the payments are per unique view or click, the earnings may not be what you would expect. However, with a bit of hard work, things can improve quite fast.

It works seamlessly alongside with your current advertising solutions. Instant performance statistics available showing view/click totals for your ad space.

Every faucet owners want to get approve his/her faucet on the Mellow Ads network, but they will approve your faucet if your faucet’s Alexa ranking is under 1,00,000. They have CPC, CPM, PPD system. Also, they providing popups ads (new feature added).

The website must have at least three months of history and a manageable Alexa ranking. The payment is done only in Bitcoins. This particular advertising network is very fast growing with almost 8.2 billion banner as well as pop-under ad Impressions within the past 30 days.

  • Commission Type: CPC, CPM, PPD
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.001
  • Payment Frequency: On Request
  • Ad Formats: Multiple, usually top positions of websites
  • Geographic: All world
  • Affiliate program: Available


This is one of the biggest crypto oriented ad networks. It is also called Anonymous Ads. The main payment method used on this platform is Bitcoin. However, there might be plans to add other crypto coins in the future. Its reputation is well documented. Best of all, publishers will not need to register on the platform. Thus, there is no collection of personal data on this platform.

This platform is super simple and will only take you a few minutes to start with a campaign or create an ad unit.

A-Ads also offers transparent statistics, automatic payouts, and sweet traffic from thousands of websites and applications.

It also provides a tagging tool to distinguish between advertisers. Every ad in the network gets a tag (Risky Investments, Shady, etc). Publishers use manual pre-moderation to ban the unwanted tags.

Maximum 3 ads are allowed on one page. They count 1 unique impression in a day. The platform has no restriction on the type of website that they collaborate with is the minimum traffic limit that a particular website should have.

  • Commission Type:  CPM
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.0001
  • Payment Frequency: Auto Withdraw
  • Ad Formats: Multiple
  • Geographic: All world
  • Affiliate program: Available


Unlike most other ad networks, Adbit specializes in letting advertisers bid against each other for the ad spaces. The platform gives publishers more options from which to choose from. It also creates an ecosystem that is fairer for all parties. Popular sites with a high conversion rate earn more with time.

Here the various advertisers compete with each other and bidding is done for the ad space provided on your website. Hence the publisher can gain maximum profit out of his ad space provided. The payment is done instantly with every click which is done in the advertisement.

Minimum payout is 0.0025BTC but they have 0.0002 BTC withdrawal fee; that means you total 0.0027 BTC in your account to make withdraw.

The only ad format option is a banner, though this can consist of text, an image, or interactive media, depending on the particular ad.

  • Commission Type:  CPM
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.0027
  • Payment Frequency: Instantly
  • Ad Formats: Banner
  • Geographic: Unknown
  • Affiliate program: Unknown


BitMedia is worth exploring for banner ads. It is quite similar to the Google AdSense platform. However, it has a huge focus on crypto, has strict entry requirement, but the high payouts make the effort worth it.

This is a niche area, which allows resource owners of Bitcoin-subjects to buy and sell thematic traffic.

In this network, you can find about 3,700 crypto-related websites that bring more than 41 million impressions daily!

Available Cost Models:

CPC – this type of ads gets lower priority in the ad rotation.

CPM – this type of ads gets higher priority in the ad rotation.

The strongest GEOs are the USA, Canada, European countries, Russia, and the UK, but traffic supply ain’t limited to these only. Use the platform’s handy targeting feature to pick from any of the other GEO targeting options.

  • Commission Type:  CPM, CPC
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.0027
  • Payment Frequency: On Request
  • Ad Formats: Banner
  • Geographic: All world
  • Affiliate program: Available only for advertisers, not for publishers


Coinverti is a Crypto Advertising Agency established at the time when crypto markets were struggling due to the downward price trend. Since its creation, the network has gained a strong support from the community. This may be because of the friendly GUI and support the network provides.

You can start the campaign with a very low amount of 0.001 BTC. CPC and CPM will be 0.12$ and 0.1$ respectively.  Currently CPM, CPC, CPA, Banner, Pop ads and Native ads model accepted. They support back up code ads if ads are empty.

  • Commission Type:  CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.001
  • Payment Frequency: Daily
  • Ad Formats: Display Banner Ads, Native Ads, Popunder Ads
  • Geographic: Unknown
  • Affiliate program: Available


TokenAd is among the newer crypto ad networks. The network will let users benefit from an efficient ad format to make ads blend in with the site. Advertisers need to bid for the space. This should prove quite beneficial for the publishers.

TokenAd works directly with both publishers and advertisers willing to monetize their trading platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges, bitcoin news websites, blogs, and ICO rankings on exclusive partnership conditions.

A super-targeted advertising network, TokenAd delivers awesome engagement and good traffic volumes due to its ads policy that only allows crypto-related content. So they consider all websites and blogs related to finance and cryptocurrency.

At the moment, TokenAd targets by GEO and Device, and it also provides Retargeting.

Several ad formats are available: Native Ads, Bottomline, Banners, and Videos.

Even though the platform operates worldwide, the biggest amount of their traffic comes from Poland, Brazil, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Mexico.

  • Commission Type:  CPC, CPM
  • Minimum Payment: 20 USD
  • Payment Frequency: Once a week
  • Ad Formats: Native Ads, Bottomline, Banners, and Videos
  • Geographic: All world
  • Affiliate program: Available

ChainAds is a bitcoin ads network that will help your website monetize traffic by placing adcodes from ChainAds publisher account. ChainAds adcodes are capable of identifying the most relevant keywords in your websites and generating best matching ads for the same from the highest bidders, thereby assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time

CPM, CPC and POP ads model are accepted. Deposit 500$ and get 50% bonus for advertisers. They accept faucets too only if you have a good quality of visitors. Publishers have to wait for verification. However, some users reported having issues with payment since Dec 2018.

  • Commission Type:  CPM, CPC and POP
  • Minimum Payment: 25 USD
  • Payment Frequency: Daily
  • Ad Formats: Text Adcodes, Banner Adcodes, Text + Image Adcodes, Pop Adcodes
  • Geographic: Unknown
  • Affiliate program: Not available


CoinMedia network has a good CPM ratio and letting you decide how it will be bid if someone wants to advertise on your page. Maximum 5 ads are allowed on one page. You can earn easily 10K Satoshis daily.

Advertiser needs to create a banner (or some different banners) and add it to CoinMedia system. If Advertiser is singular (only one) he will have all views/clicks from the ad-slot. If there are more orders for the same ad-slot, he receives the relevant portion of the view. Advertiser can choose several websites to place the same ad banner. And you cannot place more than 5 banners on the page.

There is a list of categories to choose from.

  • Commission Type:  CPM
  • Minimum Payment: ฿0.004
  • Payment Frequency: Instant (After Request)
  • Ad Formats: Text, Text line, Banner and Pop-under ad templates
  • Geographic: Unknown
  • Affiliate program: Available is a user-friendly rich media advertising platform for advertisers and publishers with competitive pricing. The Zurich, Switzerland-based company lists Google, GoDaddy, and Bitcoin as its partners.

If you are an advertiser, you can create your Pay Per Click (PPC) Text/Banner ads and generate top quality leads to your websites:

  •  Create text or banner ads
  •  Keyword & geographic targeting
  •  Payments using Bitcoin

If you are a publisher, you can monetize your website traffic by placing adcodes from publisher account. gives you money for every valid click from your websites.

Using ADconity, advertisers can pay for ads in BTC, while publishers can earn BTC in exchange for displaying ads.

The revenue models used by this network are CPM, CPC, and CPA. These revenues ensure publishers that none of their traffic will remain unsold and they get the maximum profit from their network. In addition to multiple revenue models, this network also offers multiple ad formats which again help you in generating higher revenue from it.

Apart from ads and multiple revenue models, this network also offers some great facilities to publishers like low minimum payout limit, fast payments, detailed stats reporting system, competitive payout rates, and fast review process.

  • Commission Type: CPM, CPC, and CPA.
  • Minimum Payment: $25
  • Payment Frequency: On Request
  • Ad Formats: Text, Banner, Interstitial Ads and Pop-ups
  • Geographic: All world
  • Affiliate program: Unknown


Bitcoin ads platforms is a great way to make Bitcoin with your website. There are multiple networks to choose from, with some being easier to join and others being more profitable or offer better support.

Common issues with all the bitcoin-related advertising network is the quality of traffic along with the consistent discrepancy in data. With no other options for advertisement platforms left, more and more companies would start preferring these networks which should eventually increase the reliability and quality of traffic, both of which are lacking at the moment.