Let the
Encryption Begin

Cryptalker allows you to communicate with your friends in a secure way using end-to-end encryption.

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  • Heavily Encrypted Communication

    Heavily Encrypted Communication

    Cryptalker uses latest state-of-art cryptography algorithms and meticulously designed protocol to provide end-to-end encrypted communication.

  • No Traceback

    No Traceback

    Cryptalker guarantees no messages can be read by the servers since they are all end-to-end encrypted and no personal information of yours can be correlated to your messages.

  • Elegant UI Design

    Elegant UI Design

    Cryptalker's elegant UI design provides a simple interface for users. No confusing settings or menu options.

  • Rich Feature Set

    Rich Feature Set

    Cryptalker features as a normal instant messaging app without compromising the security.

  • Transparent Privacy Policy

    Transparent Privacy Policy

    There is no hidden policy details. Cryptalker clearly states which data is stored and not stored in meta-data detail on its privacy policy.

  • Offline Verification

    Offline Verification

    Cryptalker allows you to verify your contacts in an offline fashion such as using QR codes which ensures the encryption is established end-to-end.

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State-of-art Encryption

Cryptalker uses strong cryptography algorithms exceeding standards to ensure maximum security.

Cryptalker uses Curve25519 and Ed25519 Elliptic Curve Cryptography algorithms for key exchange and ID verification.
Cryptalker uses fast and secure stream cipher ChaCha20 with Poly1305 Message Authentication Code to ensure every single bit of message is encrypted and not altered.
Cryptalker uses its own meticulously designed key exchange protocol to guarantee maximum security.